Domain Funding


Meet the Domain Funding Team

Domain Funding’s experience and knowledge are hard to beat. We’ve been around since 1999, and our principals are experts in quick closings, complicated real estate transactions, foreclosure and receivership financings, complicated ownership structures and non-recourse loans.

Meet our team members: 

Alexander Hayne
B.Comm., F.I.C.B.
Director & Principal

Shamir Alibhai
Director & Principal

Lisa Ward
Vice President,
Risk Management
VP Credit

Fay Hearne
Senior Associate, Risk Management

Rajat Saini Associate, Mortgage Administration

Marcus Yun Senior Underwriter, Commercial Lending

Lindsay de Minns*
Associate, Investor Management & Executive Administration
Dealing Representative

Claire Reilly LL.B. Mortgage Underwriter, Commercial Lending (unlicensed)

* employed by Domain Securities Corp.