200,000 SF Single-Tenant Warehouse

Industrial Type of financing: 1st mortgage refinancingLoan amount: $23 millionLocation: Richmond, B.C.Funding source: Institutional

11-unit apartment building

Multi-Family & Apartment Type of financing: CMHC 1st mortgage acquisition financingLoan amount: $2.6 millionLocation: Vancouver, B.C.Funding source: Institutional

3-storey SRO Building

SRO Type of financing: 1st & 2nd mortgage SRO acquisitionLoan amount: $5.3 MillionLocation: Vancouver, B.C.Funding source: Private

9,188-SF Office Development Site

Land 9,188-SF Office Development Site Type of financing: 2nd Mortgage Land Loan Loan amount: $3 Million Location:  Broadway Corridor, Vancouver, BC Funding source: Private